2022 Cheque Presentation breaks the records

The Cheque Presentation evening was held at the Island Hall last Saturday where it was announced that 2022 efforts had raised a staggering £40,113.23 – a culmination of fund- raising throughout the year for the Professor Saint Fund, which goes towards keeping the cost of Sark prescriptions down. The principal event is the annual Sark Sheep Racing held in July each year which involves the bar‚ sheep and shepherds‚ hot food and tea tent‚ ice creams‚ manning the gates and toilets‚ stalls‚ the tote‚ banking and media teams‚ Messy Church‚ and City Limits. More than 100 volunteers in total help put together the largest event of the Sark social calendar, whilst other events held throughout the year include regular bingo, jumble sales and the annual ‘Bingo on the Boat’, where Sark Shipping provides a scenic trip around Sark all while playing bingo in fancy dress!

A spokesperson for the organising committee said:

Sark Sheep Racing is a real Sark community event, and the Sark community pulls together to make sure that the show does go on. We also have tremendous support from our sponsors and those who donate equipment/goods and services and our lovely visitors who make the weekend such a success. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We have raised a mega £40,113.23 in 2022.

The cheque was presented to the Professor Saint Medical Fund by the 2022 Sark Princess Bella Carré whilst the image was taken by local resident Sue Daly.

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