Chair of Sark’s Policy & Finance responds to Sark Electricity’s threat to disconnect Little Sark

Responding to reports that Sark Electricity Ltd is to disconnect electricity from Little Sark, Conseiller John Guille, chair of Sark’s Policy & Finance Committee stated: 
“Following a year of mediation, it is disappointing that a starting point for negotiations has not yet been reached. Based on the current circumstances the Committee is firmly of the view that it needs to find an alternative model of supply that provides long term resilience. This is a fundamental concern that affects the welfare of all islanders. 
For example, SEL has recently suggested that it would replace the link across La Coupée to Little Sark, which is losing its protective shielding, by burying a new connection beneath the roadway subject to it receiving the necessary permissions from government. This is not as simple as Chief Pleas granting permission for the works. The engineering considerations to ensure the integrity of this historic and vital causeway are significant. It is not clear why this expensive and disruptive option is more favourable to SEL than replacing the current externally mounted cable with a similar arrangement that meets modern standards. This one example indicates the complexities involved with replacing the electrical infrastructure which need to be properly researched and costed before permissions are granted. 
The Committee will be publishing a report to take to Chief Pleas to seek a debate and this policy direction as soon as possible in early July.” 

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