Islanders intrigued to see details of Seigneur’s development plan

This week saw Sark’s Seigneur announce plans for a new initiative regarding the future of the island’s development involving The Prince’s Foundation. A press release has confirmed that four members of the Foundation’s staff will be on island from Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th April and will be hosting an open event at the Island Hall at 6pm on the evening of Monday 24th April 2023; as many residents as possible are being encouraged to attend.

The four members of the Foundation’s staff are: Kim Hitch, Director of Projects in Heritage and Architecture, who is on the Foundation’s board, Ben Bolgar, Executive Director for Projects, who is responsible for leading new building and community regenerations and has worked on more than 50 projects in the UK and globally, Savini Rajapakse is an architectural and urban designer who is project managing the visit, and Chris Mason who is one of the Foundation’s landscaping experts. There will also be smaller, more focused workshops on subjects including Sark heritage, social services, land ownership, and infrastructure whilst an open drop-in session will give anyone the opportunity to share their views.

Christopher Beaumont, Seigneur of Sark, confirmed:

I am a director of the newly formed Sark Property Company, a Guernsey-based entity set up to facilitate potential significant investments in Sark. This aims to include the purchase of property, investments in infrastructure and facilities for residents including affordable housing, and financially supporting the introduction of a mortgage programme. As part of the process the company, in collaboration with key stakeholders, would like to see an independent, objective assessment of what the island needs and what aspirations the community has.

Islanders are invited to get in touch with the Seigneur should they wish to become part of the initial focus group by contacting him on [email protected], or 07781 151 575.

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