LT. Governor reflects on his first 100 days

A press release from Guernsey’s Government House has allowed the recently installed Lieutenant-Governor to reflect on his first 100 days in office. Lieutenant General Richard Cripwell and his wife Louise relocated to Guernsey in February 2022 to become HM the Queen’s representative in the Bailiwick. 
The press release confirmed that His Excellency commented: 
“There’s certainly been plenty to see and do, getting to know the Bailiwick’s three jurisdictions and experiencing a Liberation Day with a Platinum Jubilee Royal visit. For me, the whole thing has highlighted what an extraordinary privilege it is to be the Sovereign’s personal representative in a Crown Dependency, and especially in Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee year.” 
General Cripwell added: 
“For Louise and I to experience the anniversary of the longest reigning British monarch in one of the Crown’s two oldest possessions was something particularly special. As a Crown Dependency, Guernsey is defined by its relationship with the Sovereign and, whether you class yourself as a Royalist or not, that bond is central to the character of these islands. It’s made them what they are today.” 
His Excellency said that his first 100 days have also helped him to understand the nature of his appointment: 
“I have made a start by attending at least one sitting of each of the islands’ parliaments and tried to meet and talk to as many islanders as I can, to understand how they see things. My job is to look, listen, learn and to understand on behalf of The Queen, who acts through Her Government, and to provide advice and a channel of communication.” 
Lieutenant General Cripwell said that he is developing a better understanding of the Bailiwick: 
“I was attracted to the job by the partnership of three separate, self-governing jurisdictions. That makes for a rich and fascinating identity. The Bailiwick is clearly more complex than it might first appear and, instinctively, I have always believed than the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Personally, I’m very much committed to being Lieutenant-Governor of a Bailiwick of three jurisdictions, and to serving them all in equal measure.” 
The Lieutenant-Governor said that he and his family have also found time to enjoy island life: 
“Louise and I have managed to swim in the sea, which was glorious, and I met the Poet Laureate at the Guernsey Literary Festival. We have also cycled around Sark with our children, travelled on the Channel Islands’ only full-size railway and I’ve walked Guernsey’s beautiful west coast on a very sunny day. If that’s your first 100 days, then you can’t help but think you’ve landed in the right place.” 
His Excellency said he was looking forward to the rest of his term: 
“As this first busy spell draws to a close, Louise and I are now looking forward to getting out, embracing life in the islands and meeting as many people as we can.” 
He added: 
“Wherever we have been, everyone really has made us feel so welcome.” 

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