Paul Armorgie elected as the Speaker of Chief Pleas as Reginald Guille completes his last few weeks in the role

Local resident Paul Armorgie was announced as the new Speaker of Chief Pleas at this week’s Extraordinary meeting held after the statutory Christmas meeting. Mr Armorgie has served as the island’s deputy Speaker for some time and was the only candidate to have put himself forward for the position.

Departing Speaker, Reginald Guille made a brief statement at the close of the Christmas meeting which elicited a round of applause from the House and the public gallery:

“Before I close the meeting, I would just like to say that, with any luck, this is going to be my last Chief Pleas meeting; I will only sit again if there is an emergency Chief Pleas meeting between now and 26th February, which I am hoping that there is not going to be an emergency meeting before that. It has been a great honour and a privilege to have been working with Chief Pleas, firstly as a Deputy of the People in 1998 and then appointment to deputy Seneschal then Seneschal, then President of Chief Pleas and finally the Speaker of Chief Pleas; it has been 23 years of work and I have enjoyed most of it. It hasn’t all been plain-sailing and I wish my successor, when you elect my successor in a few minutes’ time, the very best of luck in taking Chief Pleas forward during his term of office. Thank you all very much.”

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