P&F publishes online electricity survey for Sark residents

Attendees to a meeting held at the Island Hall last week saw a presentation from Jake Burnyeat, director of Communities for Renewables CIC (CfR CIC), and Conseillers John Guille and Pippa Donovan of Sark’s Policy & Finance Committee.

The presentation confirmed that CfR would:

  1. Manage a 3-stage tender process to find an experienced contractor to design and build the replacement system for the island-owned energy company
  2. Develop finance strategy and manage the financing process
  3. Help set up the new island-owned energy company

Mr Burnyeat confirmed that approaches had been made to more than 30 companies to register an expression of interest, whilst proposals have been made to various lenders and it appears that Ravenscroft in Guernsey might well be the preferred choice. The proposed new grid and energy generation system has an estimated cost of in the low millions. Precise ownership details are yet to be finalised though it is suggested that it will be operated by a company limited by shares with community purpose written into the articles and an asset lock on profits. The presentation can be viewed on the Chief Pleas website.

A community survey has also now been released onto on the Chief Pleas website for Islanders to submit their views regarding this matter though it is yet to be confirmed if there will be an island-wide public consultation for those who do not have internet access.

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