Possible changes to processing legislation within the Bailiwick

A recent States of Guernsey press release confirmed that the three jurisdictions of the Bailiwick are to revise the procedure for the ratification of Projets de Loi within the islands. The release also added that Guernsey’s Policy & Resources Committee and Alderney and Sark’s Policy & Finance Committees have agreed to recommend the changed process, and that:

‘The change, based on a process that has operated in the Isle of Man for more than 40 years, will enable the ratification of Projets by His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor (unless the Projet is specifically reserved for His Majesty The King’s Assent. This could include Projets involving defence or the Royal Prerogative).’

The new procedure should result in faster processing of Bailiwick Projets, which would no longer be reliant on set schedules for Privy Council meetings. There would be no change to how Projets are debated or approved by the Bailiwick parliaments themselves nor to the registration of legislation in the Royal Court.

If the three parliaments agree with the recommendations, an Order in Council will need to be made by the Privy Council. Then the actual change in procedure should be implemented later this year.

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