Sark Conseillers and civil servants issued court summons

Yesterday saw 13 Conseillers, as well as two former Conseillers who recently resigned, and the current Chief Secretary and Assistant Chief Secretary issued with summons to attend Sark’s Court on Friday 29th July 2022.  The defendants, represented by Jason Hill, Crown Advocate, are listed as: Edric Baker, Fern Turner, Frank Makepeace, Helen Plummer, John Guille, Kevin Delaney, Nichola McHugh, Kevin Monaghan, Paul Williams, Pippa Donovan, Sandra Williams, Tony Le Lievre, Vaughan Bougourd, Joseph Donovan, Simon Couldridge, Zanette Bougourd and Helen Walsh, whilst the plaintiffs are listed as parents of minor children, Island residents Zoë Adams, Harald Rauser, Katrin Gratz, Ben Perrée and Jade Perrée. 
The defendants are accused of breaching their statutory duties in relation to the Education Ordinance, with the summons stating:
‘The Defendants have failed to make any arrangements or provide appropriate funding (or provide any funding whatsoever) for the Children to have appropriate boarding and lodging in Guernsey for the purposes of attending an approved school there.  The Defendants have failed to make any such arrangements as is necessary for the education of the Children.  The Defendants are thereby in breach of its statutory duties under section 2 of the Education Ordinance.
The Defendant’s breaches of the Statutory Duties as set out above have caused loss and are continuing to cause substantial loss.’

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