Sark will shortly see its first contested election since 2018

Today saw the closure of nominations for candidates for the island’s upcoming by-election as a result of more candidates than seats available. Rosemary Kate Couldridge, Christopher Howard Bateson, Benjamin Dominic Harris and James Turner Martin have all been nominated and seconded for the by-election for three seats on Sark’s government with the by-election polling will take place now scheduled to take place on Thursday 7th September 2023 between 10am and 6pm in the Toplis Room at the Island Hall; should there be a tie between two candidates, a further election will be held.

Recent years have seen Chief Pleas with no mandate from islanders due to a lack of contested elections, however, that is all set to change next month. The most recent contested general election was held in December 2018, with 15 candidates for nine seats, whilst the last contested by-election was almost a decade ago in December 2013 when seven candidates stood for four seats.

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