Sark’s voting age reduced from 18 to 16

This week will see the registration of ‘The Reform (Sark) (Amendment) (No. 2) Law, 2022’ in the Seneschal’s Court which will see Sark’s voting age reduced from 18 to 16. This will mean that the voting age across all the islands of the Bailiwick of Guernsey will now be 16, with Alderney having voted through their change earlier this year.

Chief Pleas voted this amendment through at the Michaelmas meeting of Chief Pleas held only last month; whilst the voting age was reduced to 16, the age of 18 was still retained as the age at which a resident can stand as Conseiller. The Policy & Finance Committee said at the time:

‘The Committee hope that by making these small but significant changes, more residents will be able to vote and stand as Conseillers, and Sark residents will have the opportunity to elect their chosen representatives.’

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